Sunday, 21 November 2010

Wow! What is that?

We have a house in France in Lanquedoc and one of our neighbours there Jaap Lubbers has sent me some photographs of an extraordinary bird feeding on fatballs in their garden.

Looking at these closely the bird appears to be a Great or Blue Tit.  Great Tit is the only species which breeds in the area but Blues do appear in the winter.  It is hard to judge the size from the photographs.

Whatever it is it is in an interesting plumage.  I suppose it would be considereda partial albino.

Anyone got any other ideas?

I reckon it might be a Great Tit

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  1. Derek I reckon you're right - if you up the contrast you can seen the white cheek patch and the black areas on the head become more visible. However, the black on the body is not apparent and I think this may be a case of xanthochromism rather than partial albinism?