Sunday, 28 November 2010


A bright sunny day but temperatures hardly above freezing.  The snow has frozen hard with temperatures of minus 11 last night.

The feeders are so full of birds it is hard to keep up with filling them.  Numbers of Starlings have increased as have Blackbirds and Chaffinches.  Our five Goldfinches are still with us and so are the 2 Willow Tits.  Nuthatches are absent for some reason and we generally have 4/5 coming each day.  I hope they have not succumbed to the cold.

My main bird thought today is for my team Norwich City (The Canaries) who beat Ipswich 4-1. I just need England to avoid defeat to the convicts from down under and my week is complete.

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  1. I was at Carrow Road....shame you couldn't have been there too. Sublime performance, and tactically brilliant. George