Sunday, 21 November 2010

Red Kites

A cold day today but a bit brighter.  I took a short walk up the lane by my house.  A pair of Willow Tits were calling in the hedgerows and a number of Redwings have come in during the last few days.

The most predictable bird though was a Red kite overhead.  I see these birds almost every day and I can never pass up the opportunity to admire these wonderful creatures.  It is not that long ago that there were less than a dozen pairs in Wales and that was that for the UK.  Reading my Welsh Kite Trust newsletter the other day I learnt that there are now at least 1,000 pairs in Wales and add these to the birds in the re-introduction areas there will soon be 2,500 pairs throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland.

This must rank as one of the greatest conservation successes with a single species.  Coincidentally I met Peter Davis yesterday who astonishly is now in his 80's.  Peter together with Peter Walters Davies were the bedrock of Kite conservation in Wales for many years and set up the Welsh Kite Trust.  It must give them both a very warm feeling to see so many of those glorious birds today and all birders should be eternally grateful to them for their vision in doing so much for this bird when others stood by.

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