Tuesday, 16 November 2010

King Harrys in the Garden

I was bemoaning the lack of Siskins earlier and they still have not materialised despite many people telling me they have them as usual.  So at first light the pristine and virginal niger feeder full to the brim and still on its pole looked rather lonely as other species devoured everything else across the garden.

Just after lunch I got up to look out of the kitchen window and there on the niger not Siskins but 4 gorgeous Goldfinches.  This species is not common at all in our garden and 4 is probably the maximum numbers at any one time.  They are such bright birds and add some colour on a grey and misty day.

My Grandmother had a case of stuffed Goldfinches on her sideboard and as a small boy I was infatuated by these somewhat faded and pathetic images.  It was then when I asked what they were that my Grandmother responded with the Suffolk name "King Harrys".

I am still anxious for the arrival of Siskins but in the meantime the King Harrys have brightened our day.

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