Sunday, 7 November 2010

Gorgeous Morning Walk

After a day indoors at a conference I woke to find the sun shining and so took a half an hour drive up to Mynydd Llanllwni a fairly big  area of open moorland backing on to the Brechfa Forest.  It was magnificent with perfect light and no wind.

You always expect to see raptors here and I was not disappointed.  The usual Buzzards were sitting on telegraph poles as I approached the moor and it was not long before I picked up a Red Kite being mobbed by a male Kestrel,  The latter is now a very scarce bird in Carmarthenshire away from the coast.  Ravens were very vocal and I soon counted 12 of these great crows and a flock of 30 Fieldfares flew "chucking" overhead.

After a fairly short walk in a very wet bog I moved on and as I parked the car by my next walk a juvenile female Merlin was sitting on a post quite close.  As I got out it soon disappeared across the heather.  Walking on again a flock of 6 Golden Plover flew over their fluty calls attracting my attention.  Soon the reason for their flight came into view.  A magnificent Peregrine beating its way high over the moorland.

A wonderful walk with some great birds all in just two hours.

Then it was back home in time to watch Cardiff City v Swansea City on TV.

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