Saturday, 6 November 2010

Welsh Ornithological Society Conference

As Chairman of WOS I have spent the day at Carno, Powys helping to run our Annual Conference.  Today's theme was Wetlands Birds in Wales.  Almost 100 delegates turned up and we enjoyed a number of presentations on habitat creation and on some of the key species of wetlands in Wales.

The day was kicked off by WOS President Iolo Williams with a round up of key breeding successes in Wales in 2010.  The biggest shock of his piece was the announcement that a pair of Subalpine Warblers had built a nest on Bardsey Island. Iolo was unable to confirm whether they had nested successfully.  This would be amazing - two vagrants of opposite sex turning up in suitable habitat. What are the chances of that?

All in all another successful day and many new members for WOS.

Looking at Birdguides this evening I note that some Conference goers finished off the day well with Whooper Swans on the way home

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  1. Incredible news about the Subalps! Be very interesting to hear if they return next year...