Friday, 5 November 2010

Lidl trying to get off the bottom.

I occasionally sit on the panel of Home Planet BBC Radio 4's Environmental Question Time.  Last Tuesday I led the discussion on Waxwings and their irruptions to the UK.  This year is already looking to be very good with large numbers near Aberdeen and hordes further south on the east coast,  and some even reaching North Wales and Ireland.

Apart from suburban gardens I mentioned how supermarket and shopping centre car parks were often the best places to see these birds because of their love of cotoneaster and rowan berries.

I also referred to an amusing league table drawn up by my good friend Julian Hughes assessing which supermarket car parks were the most likely to be fruitful in a search for these wonderful birds.  It appears that Morrisons's is way out in front with giants Tesco and Sainsburys lagging behind.  Lidl was firmly planted at the bottom of the league suggesting little vegetation on their properties.

But do not give up hope you Lidl shoppers because thanks to Norfolk wildlife photographer Roger Tidman I have just heard of 100 Waxwings in a Lidl car park at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk.  Maybe this will lift them off the bottom of the table.

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