Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Working in the garden over the last few days My wife Beryl and I have been accompanied by a couple of Ravens.  Their incessant croaking and honking goes on all the time and we are curious as to what they are doing.  Occasionally they will fly around but most of the time they seem to be sitting in large trees.

At least once a day a Red Kite makes a flypast and then all hell lets loose .  The Ravens become agitated and will fly up and harass the Kite until it leaves the area.  May be the Ravens are setting up a territory already for next breeding season.  Although they do nest nearby we have never had them so close before and that would be nice.

Willow Tit coming to our feeders and just to make ID tricky also a Marsh Tit.  We have seen them both together but not for long.

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