Monday, 20 December 2010

Sun shines today in more ways than one

Our day was brightened last night when Jeremy and Saskia arrived in the small hours with our three grandchildren Morris, Tara and Holly.

After a damp start the sun emerged by lunchtime and the garden was full of hoards of birds.  Mainly Starlings and House Sparrows but also c30 Goldfinches.  The olive tree continues to attract birds with a female Blackcap and a Sardinian Warbler in attendance.

Picking up weed seed were also a pair of Cirl Buntings.  They are very timid birds and do not allow close approach.  Photographing them is a real challenge.

I hope to get out for a walk this afternoon especially when the grandchildren have woken up.  We need to collect some pine cones for Christmas decoration.

My daughter Bronwen is still snowed up in Cheltenham and we fear she may not be able to join us this week.

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