Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Raptor's plight

Another walk in the cold bright weather today.  Not much about except I did see one or two very weak looking Buzzards sitting around and allowing close approach.  This is definitely not normal here and I can only assume these birds are very hungry.  The hard ground even stops them finding worms which often keeps them going when times are hard,

I have not seen a Red Kite here for a few days and I am assuming they may be staying close to one of the feeding stations just now.  How valuable this effort is in such prolonged hard weather and must have played an enormous part in helping particularly young birds to make it to their first breeding season.  This feeding must have played a big part in the Welsh Red Kite population increase,  These sites also provide food for corvids and Buzzards too.

I hear today that the British Association for Shooting and Conservation have asked their members to show constraint in their shooting activities.  This includes Woodcock and Snipe.

More good news on my feeders with a male Siskin joining yesterday's female.

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