Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Local Walk

After a mild, sunny day yesterday spent mostly inside today was dull,cloudy and cool.  Nevertheless I took a walk with my 13 year old grandson Morris around the garrigue surrounding our house.

Birds were not numerous but we did find two superb Firecrests, a group of 7 Cirl Buntings and a flock of 10 Meadow Pipits.  Two Kestrels hovered overhead.

Our main reason for the walk was to look out for Wild Boar (Sanglier).  They have been a number of daylight sightings recently and we hoped we might too be lucky.  These wild pigs are pretty numerous around here and we see where they have been regularly.  Mostly it is because of their footprints in soft ground but also from damage done to local properties.  This includes digging up freshly planted plants and in particular bulbs.  Also they will dismantle dry stone walls to get at snails living deep in the structure.

Wild Boar are extensively hunted all over France but despite this they are still spreading their range.  Indeed Sanglier is a much sort after item on the menu of our local restaurant in Fauzan.

Anyway we found plenty of signs but no animals today.

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