Friday, 17 December 2010

End of a Black Redstart

Weather slightly improved today and a bit milder at 8 degrees.  Conditions bad elsewhere and my son Jeremy and his family are stuck in Amsterdam and did not arrive today as scheduled.  Hopefully tomorrow.

Cleaning out my son's house prior to his arrival I noticed bird droppings behind the glass of his gas fireplace.  Closer investigation showed the dessicated corpse of a female Black Redstart lying amongst the imitation logs.  The bird had obviously descended the flue and could not find its way back out.  A horrible end!

The chimney will have to be fitted with a grill as soon as possible as the local population of Black Redstarts is quite numerous and they are always found on the buildings.

Not much esle to report today except a movement of Starlings no doubt pushed south by harsher conditions to the north.

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