Thursday, 16 December 2010

It's Cold Here Too

After arriving on a balmy Monday we are now receiving freezing north-easterly gales.  Temperature today -2 but feels much colder in the strong winds and snow flurries.

Last evening a Red Kite sailing across the road looked way out of place as most birds of this species from France are in Spain now.

I have now lined the garden with feeders but most birds seem to like an olive tree in our garden which is absolutely dripping with fruit.  Starlings, Chaffinches and Greenfinches dive into its dark green foliage to gorge themselves on the ripe fruit.  Perhaps the most surprising birds are the Sardinian Warblers which skulk about on the ground picking up scraps but fly up for bigger morsels when the Starlings move on.


Apart from large flocks of Serins in the vineyards there are also many thousands of Starlings a roost near here yesterday far outnumbered the one seen at Ham Wall, Somerset last Saturday.

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