Monday, 12 November 2012

I Am Still Here

Apologies for being absent for some days now but AOL managed to cancel my contract and then not register a new agreement so now tell me I am no longer one of their customers (beware AOL customers) so have disconnected my internet connection.  I have applied to a new supplier but I will not be up and running again until the end of this month.

Otter - photographed in Hungary some years ago

A bit to report.  Driving through Llangadog on October 29th on the A40 a Weasel dashed across the road.  This is the first of this species I have seen in 11 years in Wales.  More recently on November 9th I first checked out Cilsan Bridge but only 46 Mute Swans present.  Dryslwyn was far more productive.  There were 13 Whooper Swans, 168 Canada Geese, 40 Greylag Geese, 40 Wigeon, 8 Curlew and a superb male Otter fishing under the bridge.

Whooper Swans

Last Saturday we enjoyed a splendid Welsh Ornithological Society Conference at Myddfai in Carmarthenshire.  Thanks to my friend Ben for letting me on line so I could update this blog.