Sunday, 2 September 2012

More News From Brazil 2

At last we have found a strong signal so I can update the news from our trip in the Pantanal.  Indeed we have finished the Pantanal leg of our trip and we leave in the morning to visit a part of the Matto Grosso Forest.  We have had a tremendous time so far with two wonderful days with Jaguars one of our main targets.  We found two impressive males resting up on separate days and were able to get reasonable photographs.

The first male Jaguar waking up to find us watching it.
The second male seemed to have a damaged right eye.  Maybe as a result of a fight with another male.
We also had three wonderful meetings with groups of Giant River Otters,  This fabulous animal is enormous compared with our European Otter and hunts in very vocal groups.  They are inquisitive and  can come very close.

Giant River Otter giving us the once over
Giant River Otters are voracious hunters and need 30lbs of fish a day.
 The third target mammal was Brazilian Tapir and some of our group had seen one earlier but all eventually caught up with a mother and her young but they quickly vanished into the forest.
Brazilian Tapir
We have missed Giant Anteater but have one last chance in the morning before we head north.

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