Sunday, 2 September 2012

More News from Brazil 1

Male Helmeted Manakin
After a walk around the Lodge we set of after breakfast into the impressive gallery forest by the river.  This is the most testing of birding with mostly only glimpses of birds in the shadows.  It takes a lot of concentration and hard work in intense heat and attending insects.  Our Tour Manager Xavier Munez of Neblina Forest Tours is  used to this and he assisted us to see several antbirds but the highlight was Helmeted Manakin.

Blue-crowned Trogon - also found in the Gallery Forest
Back at the Lodge there are plenty of birds to be seen especially around the feeders.  One that always causes a gasp is the Orange-backed Troupial an absolutely stunning South American bird.

Orange-backed Troupial
We did another river trip this afternoon and evening but still our target the Giant River Otter eluded us.  We did enjoy plenty of birds and found the Large-billed Tern.

Large-billed Tern
We are an eccentric crowd and as we made off down river Mark Howarth sported a black umbrella against the now blistering heat of the sun.

Mark under his umbrella

We failed again to find any Giant River Otters but did see a number of good birds including the enormous Great Potoos flying owl-like over the river.  Nacunda Nighthawks and huge Bulldog Bats saw us home in the dusk.

A Great Potoo discovered camouflaged at its daytime roost
Tomorrow we move south.

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