Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Hello from Brazil

We are now four days into a trip in the Pantanal.  This has to be one of the best wildlife experiences in the World and we are certainly enjoying every minute.  We have seen nearly 200 species of birds so far including the threatened Hyacinth Macaw.  This species has been near to extinction but eco tourism has helped to raise its numbers by local people seeing value in the bird.  Their efforts are improving the lot of the World's biggest parrot.

Hyacinth Macaw 
The Pantanal is also home to the World's largest stork the Jabiru and pairs of these somewhat grotesque birds are seen standing on enormous nests.

A pair of Jabiru
Our quest for mammals is proving a bit more difficult.  A boat trip today failed to turn up any Giant River Otters but some of our group did catch a glimpse of a Brazilian Tapir.  There were also dozens of the giant rodent Capybara lining the river banks,

There are so many beautiful birds here but my favourite of the day has been the Toco Toucans.  These extraordinary birds creep around in the canopy uttering belching sounds.  Today they have been particularly co-operative revealing their astonishing beaks.

Toco Toucan
More news as internet connections allow.

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