Monday, 17 September 2012

Disgraceful Persecution of Badgers in England

The news that a licence has been issued to a consortium of farmers in Gloucestershire has surely been greeted with real anger by nature conservationists.  What makes this decision even more unpalatable is that the licence has been issued by Natural England a Government Agency whose job is to protect our wildlife.  How uncomfortable it must be for staff of that organisation to be forced to do this by their political masters.

This decision has also been slammed by Lord Krebs who has carried out substantial research on this subject and says this action is entirely stupid and will not eradicate TB in local cattle herds.  Many scientists agree that this decision may make matters worse.  One can only then assume that the decision to go ahead is purely political and a sop to the farming community which mostly votes for the Tory element of the Coalition.

I repeat what I have said many times before.  What happens after thousands of Badgers have been slaughtered and TB is still in the cattle?  What will farmers and the Government say then?  This point was well accepted in Wales where a vaccination programme is under way.  Is it because the Welsh Assembly Government is of a different persuasion that the Coalition cannot bear to take the same path.

The fight against this nonsense must go on.  Credit to people in the public eye like Brian May of Queen and TV Wildlife Presenter Bill Oddie for speaking up for The Badger Trust.  If you feel like I do make sure your local MP knows your feelings on this matter.

The whole business is a disgrace and will do nothing to rid farmers of TB in their herds.

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  1. I couldn't agree more Derek. I have posted links to the petition and the excellent Team Badger site on my blog:

    If we all spread the word and can get enough signatures then maybe the government will do a u turn on this ill concieved cull!