Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Still Very Cold for France

Awoke to bright sunshine and freezing wind.  My brain must have been disfunctional yesterday because I forgot to mention a White Stork battling north against the wind.

White Stork

Birds hard to find in this cold but I noticed one or two Sardinian Warblers scuttling like mice in the low vegetation.  It is not often we see winter thrushes in this part of France but came across quite a few Fieldfares with smaller numbers of Redwings looking hungry in the vineyards.  A small group of 3 Woodlarks flew up at one point and a single Black Redstart was on a wall in a nearby village.

Black Redstart

One or two Buzzards were obvious on a drive to get shopping and later a Sparrowhawk dashed across the road looking for unsuspecting passerines. 

Greater Flamingos

I am hearing disturbing stories of at least 50 Greater Flamingos being found dead in ice at Gruissan. Many more have been taken into care and removed to the Carmargue.  It is not surprising having seen my neighbour's swimming pool covered in 4 inches of ice.

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