Saturday, 18 February 2012

Great Day!

Another cracking day with cloudless skies and temperatures reaching 15 degrees by lunch time.

Corn Bunting

The garden was very active after breakfast with a flock of 9 Corn Buntings feeding on the grass. A pair of Blackcaps and a Sardinian Warbler were also showing well.  A Black Kite passed over before lunch.


I took another look at Minerve in the middle of the day and picked up the Blue Rock Thrush on the roof tops.  I tried around the back of the town and in the trees found at least 4 Firecrests and a Chiffchaff.

Firecrest at Minerve

The highlight was this evening when I joined members of the Aude LPO to visit an Eagle Owl site near Villegly.  We drove out of town, parked up and walked down through garrigue and woodland.  Eventually we arrived where a small bridge crossed a stream and our guide pointed up to a small wall of stones.  There to everyones' amazement sat a superb Eagle Owl.  Sadly the light was too poor for a decent photograph. It seemed all puffed up in the cool of the evening with eyes partially closed.  It allowed close scrutiny through telescopes for at least 30 minutes.  It then flew off strongly but quietly.  We thought was it but after a while we heard an Eagle Owl calling and there it was silhouetted against the fading light in the top of a pine.  Finally it headed off across the valley no doubt to find its supper.  We had also seen two Hen Harriers and just as we reached our cars a splendid Woodcock put on a fine display.. 

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