Sunday, 12 February 2012

Hopefully warming up.

A little milder here in this part of Wales. A watery sun made an appearance and birds were singing.  the number of Siskins have increased with the males looking very smart now.  Several were singing in trees around the garden in between feeding on the niger seed.

Male Siskin

We are off to our French place tomorrow where it has been much colder.  Our neighbours tell us our hot water tank in the garage is completely frozen up and we have the worry of the diesel having frozen in the Land Rover.  They have suffered as low as minus 16 but it is expected to be 0 degrees by Wednesday so we are optimistic. Siskins will soon be replaced by Serins.

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  1. Sounds incredibly cold. It's forecast for a balmy 8 degrees here tomorrow! Good luck with your water tank and Land Rover :)