Thursday, 27 October 2011

Window birds to die for

I have met a lot of British birders connected with France since I acquired a house there.  One who I have corresponded with but never met is Charles Hopper (for Suffolk birders he is the son of Robin one of the founders of SOG). Charles emailed me today to tell me of birds he had seen in Languedoc recently.  I mentioned when I came back to France in February I hoped I would catch up with Alpine Accentors and maybe Wallcreeper again.  He responded by sending me a photo of a Wallcreeper he had just taken outside the restaurant he owns in Luz-Saint-Sauveur in the Pyrenees.

Wallcreeper through Graham's window
I also mentioned that I had only seen Snow Finch once and back came a distant but very recognisable picture of a Snow Finch and a much closer image of an Alpine Accentor all through the window. All photographed in between our emails.

Alpine Accentor through Graham's window
 Me thinks that Charles's restaurant must be the place to eat to see this trio of difficult Alpine birds.

Snow Bunting

We are off to North Norfolk tomorrow for a few days and maybe I can find such a window.  I do expect to see lots of geese and maybe birds like Snow Bunting.

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