Sunday, 2 October 2011

Mammal Watch

There are some interesting mammals living in this part of France but seeing them is not easy.  Wild Boar signs are everywhere but they are understandibly shy because of the attentions of local hunters.  Rabbits and Brown Hares are seen quite often and Badgers are not too uncommon on the roads at night.

Brown Hare

 Polecats and Beech Martens also occur but almost never seen  Garden Dormouse and Edible Dormouse are common but again almost impossible to see alive.  Genets are also present and I did see one once but Wild Cats are very elusive.  Coming home from a local restaurant the other evening we had splendid views of a Red Fox which I had not seen in this area before.

Red Fox
Not much lately as far as birds are concerned  and we are packing up to return to UK tomorrow.

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