Thursday, 13 October 2011

Two good birds

A bit better in the weather department so I set off the Burry Port.  Stopping at the slipway I walked east towards Pwll and after a while found the Slavonian Grebe in the channel with about 5 Great crested Grebes.

Wryneck - No pictures today so you will have to put up with a Spanish bird again

Moving on I joined a host of people at The Welsh Wetlands Centre at Penclacwydd watching a superb Wryneck right in front of the herons Wing Hide.  Whoever designed this structure had no concern for photographers.  The plate glass windows distort any picture and all my efforts were useless even though the bird was really close and giving great views.  What with the hides looking into the sun elsewhere you wonder if a birder had any part in designing that reserve.

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