Friday, 21 October 2011

Cracker at Burry Port

Watching the tide table we got down to Burry Port harbour just before three o'clock.  Walking east along the beach we soon found the Slavonian Grebe which has been around for quite a few days now.  Our main quarry eluded us for some time though.

A winter plumage Great Northern Diver

We were joined by Dave Pritchard from Cardiff who was searching for the same bird.  He did find a winter plumage Great Northern Diver way out on the Burry Inlet as an early compensation.  Finally I was getting cold and decided to leave.  I got 400 yards back from Dave and decided to have one last look.  Wow!  there it was a superb adult male Long-tailed Duck.  Resplendant with long tail streamers and almost in complete winter plumage.  I bellowed down the beach and Dave came running.  We relocated this splendid duck and I retired home very content indeed.

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