Monday, 11 February 2013

Urban Foxes - Are They Really a serious Danger

With all the emotional stuff about the unfortunate four year old Denny Dolan being seriously bitten by a Red Fox this last few days the country is as usual reacting hysterically prodded and poked by the London media circus.  Even Boris Johnson got in on the act.  We will of course have the greatest sympathy for Denny and his family but this sort of incident is so unusual that a knee jerk response is completely unwarranted.

Red Fox cub.

As Chris Packham sensibly said on the TV this morning "More children are seriously bitten and even killed by domestic dogs".  A cull seems to be the answer to anything that gets in the way of the human race but what good would that really do?  The answer is for those living close to urban foxes to start thinking of them as wild animals.  They have to make sure their garbage is kept away from these animals and ensure their windows and doors are kept shut particularly where children are present.  Like any other wild creature foxes will be attracted by the chance of easy food.  All we have to do is deny them.

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  1. You might want to point out that more children are killed by their parents than by foxes, as well. Culling humans has always been an attractive option from where I stand.......which is inside The Washington DC Beltway, right now.