Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Chasing Plovers

Friend and neighbour Julian Frieze called to say a flock of Golden Plovers was frequenting the fields at Cilsan Bridge.  We do not see too often just here so I stopped work and went for a look.  At first I could not find them.  Just the 11 Whooper Swans from yesterday and a solitary Red Kite.  I pushed on to Dryslwyn and there too were the 15 Whooper Swans from yesterday and a couple of Meadow Pipits in the car park.  There was also a very tame Buzzard.  Well maybe very hungry too because it never moved far away.  I have been hearing of an unusual number of Buzzards being found dead by the roadside in Carmarthenshire and unless there has been some poisoning tragedy it must be hunger that is killing these birds.

Very tame Buzzard at Dryslwyn car park

Back to Cilsan just in time to see a flock of about 200 Golden Plover and 70 Lapwing wheeling around over the fields.  They appeared to be spooked by something and would not settle and finally moved off again.

A Lesser Redpoll from a previous visit

Back home we now have c30 Siskins and c20 Goldfinches on the feeders and today a superb male Lesser Redpoll arrived.

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