Thursday, 5 July 2012

No Bears This Time

Elbow Falls

Out again this morning first driving through Bragg Creek and turning toward Elbow Falls.  We stopped at the Falls first just to admire the spectacle.  Glancing across at dense forest a soaring Sharp-shinned Hawk caught the eye.  Moving on we stopped and climbed up a hill full of flowers where a Warbling Vireo was singing.  We then stopped for lunch by the Elbow River but only found a Spotted Sandpiper and a few Pine Siskins.  We then drove through lots of wonderful habitat without finding really anything until we emerged across a grassy plain with a stream passing through the middle.  Here an Orange-crowned Warbler was trilling away and 10 Northern Rough-winged Swallows hunted insects overhead.  An Osprey appeared and was diligently trying to fish the stream but irritated Red-winged Blackbirds constantly harassed it until it gave up.  Before we moved on a Common Yellowthroat and three American Goldfinches were noted.  Just around the corner 5 Buffleheads occupied a Beaver pond.

Osprey being mobbed by Red-winged Blackbird
We then decided to head for the 40 road up the Kananaskis Valley to try and repeat our experience with Grizzly Bears on Monday.  Despite all our efforts we failed but did see a few Bighorn Sheep.  We decided to drive the Spray Lakes road to Canmore where we would have supper.  On the first lake we located a single Common Loon and moving on not much else for quite a while.  Suddenly we pulled up fast as a Coyote came running up the road straight towards us enabling photos to be taken.

This Coyote ran right up to our car.
We did not have to go far before we found a single Grey Jay sitting on a road side tree and then a little later a young bull Moose making his way down to a stream for a wallow. Finally as we approached Canmore a splendid adult Golden Eagle soared low over the road.

Young bull Moose
Well no Bears today but still some great wildlife.  All this followed by a superb meal in a Japanese restaurant in Canmore before getting home at 11pm.

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