Saturday, 21 July 2012

Birds Hard to Find

I started the day by returning to the Lesser Grey Shrikes to see if I could get some photographs.  It was difficult and I could not emulate Jonathan Theobald's splendid shot.  There were plenty of shrikes to see and I met two young people working for LPO who told me there could have been  3 pairs nesting in the area.  that would make sense as there were a number of birds spread over a wide area.  I also noted 2 Golden Orioles before moving on.


Near Fleury a Roller posed nicely on some wires and I checked out Pissevache again.  A Common Sandpiper and Kentish Plover were the only waders seen.  I also drove south to Gruissan but little more here.  At Mandirac a Purple Heron appeared and there were plenty of Black-winged Stilts.

Black-winged Stilt

This evening  I joined the Aude LPO to look for Eagle Owl chicks.  No luck there either but we did hear a snatch of Nightjar song.

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