Monday, 23 July 2012

Coastal look and Fluffy Finale

We took a drive south to Port Leucate.  There were plenty of Little Terns and Kentish Plovers on sandbanks but also some almost fully grown juvenile Black-winged Stilts.  They give the impression of being quite shocked to discover they have such long legs and seem not sure what to do with them.

Juvenile Black-winged Stilt
We also had a look around the Franqui area and found Hoopoe, 15 Bee-eaters, and quite a few juvenile Shelduck.  A large Coypu also posed for the camera.

Juvenile Shelducks
Returning home there were messages on my phone all from Susan from Oupia.  She, Tim and Rod Leslie had been handed a juvenile Scops Owl which had been found on the path adjacent to their house.  There are Scops Owls in the immediate vicinity so after I had dashed over to photograph the fluffy fledgling it was lodged in a fig tree in the hope that the parents would find it after dark.

Juvenile Scops Owl
I hope to report good news on this wonderful little bird.

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