Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Where Have all the Flowers gone?

Lady Orchids are still not fully out

My pal Barry Stewart from Gower asks what are the flowers like in your part of France at the moment?  Well first of all this area like much of Europe had the worst winter weather in living memory last February with local temperatures a prolonged -16C.  Not only have our gardens suffered with all mimosa trees killed and agaves also destroyed wild plants have noticeably been affected.  Some shrubs in the garrigue are looking very brown and although maybe not dead are slow in their recovery.

Common Jonquil - a prolific plant of early spring

As far as wild flowers are concerned their appearance seems slow.  Normally by now Early Spider Orchids and Yellow Bee Orchids are well in evidence but I have found none yet.  Lady Orchids are just appearing but are far from being in full bloom yet.  Early bloomers such as Bearded Iris, Spanish Snakeshead and Tulips have been good to spectacular.  Common Jonquil an introduced tiny daffodil was also prolific a week or two ago.

Yellow Bee Orchid

The weather here is still very unsettled.  The wind today was brutally cold and strong north-westerly albeit with a lot of sunshine.  The forecast is little better for some days.  No visible signs of migrating birds or any birds at all today.  Two super male Common Redstarts feeding outside our lounge window today.

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