Saturday, 7 April 2012

Bustard Hunt!

We took our neighbours John and Hanny to Beziers Airport this lunch time so decided to go look for Little Bustards.  First we headed for Bessan but even as we arrived the place looked quiet except for larger than usual numbers of Magpies.  We looked around very carefully but found no bustards.  We did see a Marsh Harrier.

A Little Bustard from a previous visit
 We then returned and checked out the Western end of the Airport.  Just after watching our neighbour's plane take off we were scanning a field when the unmistakable sound of whistling wings caused us to look right in time to see a super male Little Bustard fly up and land by a nearby vineyard.  I then walked to the fence and there was a cryptic plumaged female Little Bustard moving in the long grass.  Walking back to the car the beautiful song of a Woodlark had me gazing upwards and a Corn Bunting rattled nosily on top of the fence.

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