Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Raptors and a lovely flower

The day started very stormy and as conditions slowly improved a single Black Kite closely followed by a Sparrowhawk. Later in the morning I took friends Richard and Georgina for a tour round the area.  We started by looking at the Pyrennean Snakeshead flowers near Fauzan and then took the road north of Minerve.  A superb pair of Montagu's Harriers floated alongside the road.

Wild Tulip probably australis

Birds were hard to find in very windy conditions so we looked at the Gorge north of La Caunette concentrating on plants.  Amongst a large area of Bearded Irises we found several Wild Tulips.  Heading home yet another Montagu's Harrier a female hunted the garrigue.

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