Sunday, 8 April 2012

Aerial combat

We took a quick drive around the area north of Minerve first checking out the meadows on the road to Bois Bas.  Nothing here except a female Stonechat.  Moving on towards Boisset we watched with admiration 2 Griffon Vultures soaring on the wind high over the hills.

Griffon Vulture

We continued on a bit just beyond the village just in time to see another Griffon Vulture sparring with a pair of Golden Eagles.  This is not an area where I am aware of nesting birds of this species but they were not going to put up with the larger interloper.  Sadly, I could get no photographs to record this amazing sight.  Eventually all birds disappeared over the hill tops.

Golden Eagle

Back home a Short-toed Eagle was overhead and 2 Black Redstarts around the garden.

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