Friday, 30 March 2012

Walk by the River

I took a short walk behind Llandeilo station along the Tywi just to check for migrants.  Two Sand Martins were present and a Chiffchaff singing away.  My attention though was drawn to a North American Mink swimming down river.  It was quite tame and began fishing in a rather haphazard way and finally emerged with a fish or maybe a crayfish.  I would be happy if anyone knew what the prey is.

North American Mink on the Tywi

Mink are numerous on the river and also highly efficient predators of ground nesting birds.  I reckon that is why there are so few Moorhens on the river.  They are of course and introduced species mostly from unwise releases from Mink Farms.  This is another species which is having an adverse effect on our native biodiversity and we could do without.

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