Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Misty March by the Sea

Black Guillemot in Fishguard Harbour - photo Richard Crossen

Believing the weather forecast that sunshine would arrive in the afternoon we made for the Pembrokeshire coast and Fishguard Harbour in particular.  There were two immediate negatives - firstly the weather was still very misty with poor visibility and secondly there was a notice telling us that a parking charge for one of our favourite stops would be imposed by April 1st.  Walking out on the harbour wall things improved immensely with excellent views of one of the local Black Guillemots.  The pair which nests here is the only one in South Wales and I look forward when numbers start to increase.


We moved on to St.Davids and walked a small section of the coastal footpath at St.Justinians.  I had hoped for Choughs at least but all we saw was 2 Oystercatchers, 3 Shags and 3 Gannets.  Heading back into Carmarthenshire the sun appeared at 4.30pm and was still shining brightly when we arrived home.

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