Saturday, 17 March 2012

Looking around

Whooper Sswans

Having picked up the Saturday newspapers I first stopped at Cilsan Bridge and counted the 25 Whooper Swans grazing with Mute Swans and Greylag geese.  I have been struggling to see a Dipper since Christmas so I decided to head up the Cothi Valley.  Raptors were on every skyline with Buzzards the most numerous but also quite a few Red Kites.  I stopped at the two bridges and in total found 3 Dippers one of which was collecting nest material.  A superb Grey Wagtail was also feeding from a solitary rock.

Dipper - photo by Roger Tidman

I drove around Brechfa forest but by now the rain was teaming down so I headed for home.  On the way over Mynydd Figyn 80 Golden Plovers flew overhead.

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