Sunday, 4 March 2012

Clearing up

Alpine Accentor at Minerve

We are heading back to Wales tomorrow lunch time but I did get down to Minerve again this morning in warm sunshine.  I will not mention the target species again but 8 Crag Martins were very active and I had an excellent but brief view of an Alpine Accentor.  I moved on to the Bois Bas area and sat and enjoyed multiple songs of Woodlarks.  The latter is surely one of the most beautiful sounds of the European countryside.

Female Blackcap

Back home whilst packing up my attention was constantly drawn to a female Blackcap feeding on fatballs.  She constantly defended her prize against Great Tit, Robin and House Sparrows.  Once she even dropped down to pick up some seed.  Apparently Blackcaps and even Sardinian Warblers will feed on fatballs which is surely quite a new habit.

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