Sunday, 1 December 2013

What A Shambles!

I had surgery to remove a gall bladder last Monday so I have had plenty of time to reflect on wildlife happenings this week. The Badger Cull situation in the West Country is a shambles.  The Gloucestershire cull has been stopped by having its licence revoked by Natural England because despite an extension not enough animals were killed.  We must assume that the Somerset effort will end up the same way.

Many of us pointed out the The Krebs report warned that culling would not produce a solution to the dreadful spread of Bovine TB but politicians pressed on anxious to give their farmer/landowner supporters a crumb of comfort.  So where does this leave us? Well lots of Badgers killed anyway, a waste of public money and we are no closer to solving the Bovine TB problem.  The pig-headed attitude of DEFRA Minister Owen Paterson and his team some of whom are still claiming the Cull was a success and the blinkered NFU should step back and reflect.  Part of that reflection should include whether they should resign their positions.  Surely they have no credibility left?

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