Tuesday, 17 December 2013

And Still They Die

My hackles have been raised by the latest Wildlife Crime Report produced by the RSPB.  Apart from the well publicised loss of Hen Harriers nesting on English grouse moors there were 12 incidents of raptor persecution in Wales.  Some were birds found poisoned but the most nauseating was a case of pigeon baits being tethered close to a Peregrine's nest.  The baits had been laced with poison so when the unfortunate pigeons were taken by the Peregrines all perished.

A Peregrine family at a purpose built nest box - a sight that the majority of people are thrilled to see - photo Bill Baston

When are these criminals going to realise that the majority of people want these beautiful raptors to thrive?  When will they stop this criminal behaviour to protect their minority interest.  I would suggest only when the penalties are made more appropriate and these perpetrators face a spell in prison.

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  1. Unbelievable! For once I am (almost) speechless.

    Hard to believe such a primitive mindset still hovers between the ears of some of your countrymen. People shoot hawks here in the States as well. I just pray that I never see someone doing it. It will end badly.