Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Red Kites Perk Me Up

I have been having a few problems since my operation last week but have been feeling much better today.  I took a stroll out in wonderful sunshine and was rewarded by 6 Red Kites low overhead in our lane who were later joined by a splendid cronking Raven.

Red Kite

Good to be out again and feeling the healing power of birds.


  1. I hope you recuperation continues to progress in the right direction! Thank you again for this woderful blog that allows me to discover many types of birds!

  2. Thank You Michele - Have a Great Snowy Christmas

  3. Speaking of Snowy Christmas Days. The east coast of the United States is completely infested with Snowy Owls at this time. There are probably over fifty in the mid-Atlantic area. If you are flying into DC there is one waiting for you at Dulles Airport. Also at the Manassas Airport. It seems every beach has their own Snowy. I have heard of six in Pennsylvania and friend that is an avid lister and chaser of birds in West Virginia finally got his first in that state this past weekend. Come on over! We're waiting on you.