Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Another BirdFair Flies By

Today I am feeling particularly shattered after a whole weekend at the BirdFair.  The weather was not too unkind apart from Friday morning and once more thousands of birders, conservationists and hopefully other curious people turned up over the three days.  It is always good to see old friends and indeed make new ones.  It is sad to hear of friends no longer with us and particularly sad to discover that Andrew Grieve and Peter Basterfield have suffered with health problems in the last year.

Early morning at the BirdFair

On a personal note it was great to give a talk on my 70 years of birding to a large audience and one which contained many friends.  After that I did the first of three signing sessions for my new book Birds. Coping With An Obsession.  That seemed to go well and many came to buy the book and I was chuffed to sign copies for them. 

Yours truly, friend Alan McBride and fellow blogger Mark Avery - phot by Laura Kammermeir

I have flippantly commented recently that if I do not turn up in future then I may well be dead.  For me it is an unmissable event and I am already looking forward to 2014.


  1. It was a brilliant bird fair. I managed to go for 2 days this time and hopefully 3 days next year. From Findlay

  2. Findlay I am so sorry I missed you. Next year make sure you find me. I would love a chat and to meet you personally.

  3. Picture of you and Bill Oddie now on my blog Derek – lovely to see you at Bird Fair.

    Best Wishes Penny