Thursday, 23 August 2012

British Companies arrange the Slaughter of Turtle Doves in Morocco

I was horrified today to discover that at least three British Companies are organising tours to Morocco to shoot Turtle Doves.  This species is one of the most threatened in the UK and thousands of pounds of tax payers money is being spent encouraging farmers and other land owners to manage their land to try and arrest the serious declines.

Turtle Dove

Sadly there is nothing illegal about this practise but it is piece of crass insensitivity that shows how out of touch some people are.  The language in the websites is pretty sickening and some of the images and the claim that bags are restricted so that a viable population remains is rubbish.  The Turtle Dove probably does not have a viable population anywhere in the World.

Turtle Dove
Wouldn't it be bizarre if some of the land owners receiving agri-environment payments in the UK were the same individuals taking up places on these trips to shoot the birds as they migrate through Morocco?  Now that would make my blood boil.  The websites of the companies involved are:

Why not have a look and if you feel like me email them with your thoughts.  I have done so but received no reply yet.

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