Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Spring at last

I awoke to the most gorgeous morning.  Bright sunshine, no wind and quite warm.  I set out on a long walk around our hill.  The first thing that struck me was how many Nightingales were singing.  There must have been around 50 in a two hour walk.  Orphean Warblers are also now well in as are Melodious Warblers.  Bee-eaters called overhead for most of the walk and Swift movement was almost continuous.

Melodious Warbler

As I approached a vineyard coming back towards home I noticed a male Woodchat Shrike sitting on a post.  Indeed looking closer there were 4 male Woodchats all close together with two of them singing.  It looked as if they were migrating together and had all dropped down to feed.  They were extremely approachable and allowed me to photograph them.

One of the 4 Woodchat Shrikes

Today was so warm we had supper outside for the first time this Spring.  Hordes more Swifts were going over with a few House Martins.  If this weather continues we can expect more migration as everything is still at least two weeks late.

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