Monday, 14 May 2012

Down in Kent

I drove through the day down to Kent for the Management Committee Meeting of Elmley National Nature Reserve.  Entering the reserve is a bizarre experience.  One minute hurtling along in very busy motorway traffic and then turning off into a green and pleasant land.  Very green and wet with huge open skies.  Immediately there were Brown Hares everywhere and Lapwings and Redshanks all over the place with the former already with large chicks.

A damp Short-eared Owl

After a cup of coffee I was taken by Steve Gordon to see the Swale NNR which almost adjoins Elmley.  We saw lots more nesting waders and a group of 12 Avocets, quite a few Marsh Harriers but best of all a rather damp Short-eared Owl sitting obligingly on a post.  We must get up early tomorrow before our meeting to enjoy more of the spectacular wildlife of this place.

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