Thursday, 24 May 2012

Has the World gone Mad?

I awoke this morning to the alarming news that DEFRA is to fund research on removing Buzzards nests and indeed the birds themselves from large shooting estates.  No it was not a dream this is real.  Let us interfere and remove a beautiful native species which is currently doing very well so a few well heeled individuals can try and shoot 40 million of an introduced species purely for "sport". I once lived close to a pheasant release pen and every year when they were released dozens were killed by passing traffic. This loss is far more than to raptors.

Common Buzzard

Has Cameron lost the plot?  Does he really feel he is in touch?  More likely he is pandering to his lords and masters.  At a time when the country needs to pull together his government decides to spend £375k on this mindless piece of work. 

Common Buzzard

If you feel like I do then please write to your MP at once extolling your opinion and let us see this ridiculous notion dumped like the forest sell-off.

Buzzard chick in nest
 Where will this end?  Red Kites, Marsh Harriers, Tawny Owls etc!  Government has already allowed the Hen Harrier to face extinction as a breeding species in England largely through inertia and allowing persecution to go unpunished.  If the shooting fraternity feel this research is vital then why are they not paying for it?

Common Buzzard
 I am willing to admit I voted for this lot and the best I can expect is that this "project" is a time wasting exercise that will go on for years and then get forgotten.  My hopes are not high.

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  1. Over here we are known for our Rednecks that shoot every "Chicken Hawk" they see to protect introduced species like the pheasant, chukar and such. Your boys might not have a Southern Drawl and drink moonshine, but they act like it.

    I know I'm lumping, but it really makes no difference if the water is salt or fresh. Crap floats. I can only wish your "Chicken Hawks" luck.