Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Window watching

I have been laid low with illness this past week or so.  The only birds I have seen have been through the windows with the feeders attracting a lot of activity.  What really cheers me up is when the Siskins begin to come back and the last few days they have been there with the males looking wonderfully green, black and yellow.

Male Siskin
Goldfinches are also back in numbers in equally gorgeous plumage but if the land beside a Siskin boy the colours do clash.


We have also had both Marsh and Willow Tits this week just to keep us alert.

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  1. We had 6 degrees F yesterday morning. I guess that's about -15 C. Makes me glad that I have a birdbath defroster. The American Robbins were drinking like Russians when in dropped a Yellow-rumped Warbler. That is my first warbler species of the year.