Monday, 6 January 2014

Birds Galore at Slimbridge

Reasonable weather meant we got to Slimbridge today.  Occasional showers meant we could dodge the rain and spend some time in hides keeping dry.  There were hordes of birds which no doubt had been blown in by the floods and rain.  At least a hundred Bewick's Swans were obvious and 160 Barnacle Geese.  We could not find the White-fronted Geese seen early on the reserve.  There were large numbers of Shoveler, Pintail, Teal and Wigeon on the grassland with at least 4,000 Golden Plovers and 800 Lapwings.  Looking carefully you could pick out Black-tailed Godwits amongst larger numbers of Curlews.

Bewick's Swan

In the Holden Hide there were more big numbers of birds and thanks to a kind fellow birder I was shown a single Little Stint out on the Dumbles with a flock of Dunlin.  Beryl picked out a Ruddy Shelduck too but this may well have escaped from the collection. At the Zeiss Hide we noted 4 Avocets and a solitary Crane (one of the Crane Project birds).  Later we saw another elsewhere on the reserve.  Good to be out amongst so many birds.

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