Sunday, 17 November 2013

Waveney Bird Club Farm Walk.

This morning a good number of local birders turned up at Lodge Farm, Westhorpe, Suffolk to walk around the farm and learn about the conservation work being done by the Barker family.  In addition a number of bird ringers put up nets and caught over 70 birds to show to the attendees.  Youngsters seemed particularly pleased to see this happening.  Carl Powell was leading the ringing and his expert commentary and involvement with youngsters was most impressive.

Male Bullfinch

The best species caught were a Treecreeper and a Great Spotted Woodpecker.  On the walk there were plenty of Yellowhammers and Linnets and for this part of the World good numbers of Bullfinches.  People seemed very impressed with the amount of birds on the farm and know at least here their taxes are being well spent on agri-environmental schemes,


  1. Hi Derek, Hope you are keeping well. sorry that I could not make your talk on Monday last.

    1. Hi Mick

      I was looking out for you - It was great seeing so many old mates again. In particular I enjoyed catching up with Mike Marsh and Philip Murphy