Saturday, 16 November 2013

Morning On A Suffolk Farm

Awoke to a grey and cold day  and went for a walk with good friend David Barker around his splendid Lodge Farm.  Traversing a impressive 8 acre area planted just for the benefit of farmland birds it was no surprise to see good size flocks of Linnets and Yellowhammers.  There were masses of Wood Pigeons too and a handful of Jays squawking their way along an oak hedge.

Yellowhammer - photo Brian Barker

I spent an hour walking two field of grass searching for Grey Partridges.  There had been a covey of 12 the previous day but I failed even with the help of Indy the black Labrador.  I wish we could get members of our current Government to see this farm.  It is highly profitable but still hold high biodiversity thanks to an enlightened family.

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